Student in isogeny-based post-quantum cryptography, PhD candidate and engineer of the Corps des Mines (French civil service).


Pierrick Dartois and Luca De Feo, On the security of OSIDH, In Public-Key Cryptography 2022, pages 52-81, Springer International Publishing, 2022. Springer link. E-print.


On the security of OSIDH, 9 March 2022, Public-Key Cryptography 2022 (20 min – English). Video. Slides.

Cryptanalysis of OSIDH, 15 March 2022, Seminar of the Institut Mathématique de Bordeaux (1h – French). Abstract. Slides.

Thesis and projects

Thesis, On Oriented Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman, under the supervision of Luca De Feo, IBM Research Zurich, 2021.

Thesis, An introduction to abelian varieties, under the supervision of Anna Somoza, University of Rennes 1, 2020.

Thesis, Théorème du relèvement canonique de Deuring, under the supervision of Benjamin Schraën, École polytechnique, 2019.

Thesis, Pierrick Dartois and Emmanuel Pinglier, Groupes finis, représentations et caractères : théorèmes de Frobenius, de Burnside et de Suzuki, under the supervision of Gaëtan Chenevier, École polytechnique, 2018.

Team Scientific Project, Gustave Billon, Pierrick Dartois, Pedro Freire Mascarenhas Pontes, Minmin Ge, Emmanuel Pinglier, Quentin Yang and Raphaël Yu, Comptage de points sur les courbes elliptiques, under the supervision of Stéphane Bijakowski, École polytechnique, 2018.