I am a PhD candidate affiliated with INRIA Bordeaux and Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux in isogeny-based post-quantum cryptography. My supervisors are Benjamin Wesolowski, Damien Robert and Luca De Feo.


Pierrick Dartois, Luciano Maino, Giacomo Pope and Damien Robert, An Algorithmic Approach to (2,2)-isogenies in the Theta Model and Applications to Isogeny-based Cryptography, IARC Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/1747, 2023. ePrint.

Sarah Arpin, James Clements, Pierrick Dartois, Jonathan Komada Eriksen, Péter Kutas and Benjamin Wesolowski, Finding Orientations of Supersingular Elliptic Curves and Quaternion Orders, IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/1268, 2023. ePrint.

Pierrick Dartois, Antonin Leroux, Damien Robert and Benjamin Wesolowski, SQISignHD: New Dimensions in Cryptography, IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive, Paper 2023/436, 2023. ePrint.


Pierrick Dartois and Luca De Feo, On the security of OSIDH, In Public-Key Cryptography 2022, pages 52-81, Springer International Publishing, 2022. Springer link. ePrint.


Signing with higher dimensional isogenies, 16 October 2023, Journées C2 2023 (45 min – English). Slides.

Signing with higher dimensional isogenies, 12 October 2023, Leuven Isogeny Days 2023 (45 min – English). Slides.

SQISignHD: Signing with higher dimensional isogenies, 12 September 2023, Seminar of the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (1h – English). Abstract. Slides.

Signing with higher dimensional isogenies, 12 May 2023, Rennes Cryptography Seminar (1h – French). Slides.

SQISignHD: signing with higher dimensional isogenies, 28 March 2023, Isogeny Club, Season 2 Episode 5 (1h – English). Video. Slides.

On the security of OSIDH, 9 March 2022, Public-Key Cryptography 2022 (20 min – English). Video. Slides.

Cryptanalysis of OSIDH, 15 March 2022, Seminar of the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (1h – French). Abstract. Slides.

Thesis and projects

Thesis, On Oriented Supersingular Isogeny Diffie-Hellman, under the supervision of Luca De Feo, IBM Research Zurich, 2021.

Thesis, An introduction to abelian varieties, under the supervision of Anna Somoza, University of Rennes 1, 2020.

Thesis, Théorème du relèvement canonique de Deuring, under the supervision of Benjamin Schraën, École polytechnique, 2019.

Thesis, Pierrick Dartois and Emmanuel Pinglier, Groupes finis, représentations et caractères : théorèmes de Frobenius, de Burnside et de Suzuki, under the supervision of Gaëtan Chenevier, École polytechnique, 2018.

Team Scientific Project, Gustave Billon, Pierrick Dartois, Pedro Freire Mascarenhas Pontes, Minmin Ge, Emmanuel Pinglier, Quentin Yang and Raphaël Yu, Comptage de points sur les courbes elliptiques, under the supervision of Stéphane Bijakowski, École polytechnique, 2018.

Other works

In addition to my work in cryptography, I have also contributed to energy transition planning and modeling in the French context. These contributions are part of my curriculum in the Corps des Mines.

Pierrick Dartois and Marie Suderie, Couvrir nos besoins énergétiques : 2050 se prépare aujourd’hui. La Fabrique de l’Industrie, Les Notes de la Fabrique, 2022. e-Book. Hardcover.